New version GRIF 2011 Service-Pack 1

GRIF 2011 service-pack 1 is now available. It contains many new functionnalities for each module. Most important changes are the following:

GRIF (every modules)
– 64 bits Version
– Multi computation result bank (to store many results)
– Batch computation

Petri Nets module and Moca-RP
– random() function
– vector/table variables (for example : var = tab[2]; tab[i] = 794 …)

Tree Module Tree
– Import from Simtree 2.1
– Probabilities of cuts is displayed

Markov Module
– A complete new Markov module, where you can compute availability, efficiency, PFD and PFH very easily

Tree, SIL and BFiab Module
– New calculation of PFH / W for systemes with components that are unavailable during test.