New version : GRIF 2012

Dear GRIF users,
A new version of GRIF is available, the 2012 version comes with many new features. Here is list of main new features.

For every modules :
– Increase batch computation features
– New vector print system for perfect PDF output
– Available on windows XP Vista 7 (32bits and 64bits), and on Linux (32bits and 64bits)
– Increase performance for copy/paste with thousands of objects
– New charts (Pie, stacked bars …)
– You can now use specific character for names (% # & – . ….) and accents (é à è ü ù ê …)

For Tree module :
– Common cause failures
– New Import/Export file format (Aralia Simtree2.1, Cecilia Arbor 2, Open-PSA, Aralia Simtree4.3.0.108 xml)
– Easy Tree building (gate insertion, quick children addition)

For BFiab module
– Automatic layout
– Common cause failures

For BStoK module
– Automatic layout

For Petri12 module
– Variable for production profiles
– Vector variable (var[0] = var2[2] + 3 …)

For SIL module
– Many loops in a document
– Third Beta level (for sub-actuators)
– 1oo2 or 2oo2 sub-actuators
– specific part configuration (not only KooN)
– simple architecture modification with right-click on the system view
– new report layout with synthesis

A New Event-Tree module (will be improved in 2013 version)

A New Reliability Network module for bi-directional flow (IT Network, Electricity Network, Water Network …)

A New Boolean module which is a fusion of Fault-Tree, Block-Diagram, Event-Tree,SIF