New version : GRIF 2015

SATODEV and TOTAL are pleased to announce the 2015 version of GRIF and its 10 modules (Petri, Petro, BStock, Tree, BFiab, ETree, SIL, Bool, Reseda, Markov).

The improvements that you will find in each module are:

  • Ability to be started with a command-line (to be integrated in other tools)
  • Better display configuration for every object
  • Description on parameters and variables
  • Copy/paste has been improved again with new options to link data
  • A new window displaying errors and warnings helps you find mistakes
  • A new PDF printing including more content and fully customizable.

PetroThe Petro module has evolved a lot, the main improvements (among hundreds) are:

  • A new table for resources (spare parts and maintenance crew)
  • Condition for repairing and for maintenance
  • Importing from BStoK and BFiab (in order to add resource management to your RBD)
  • A new library for templates
  • Undetected failure handling
  • K out of N connector with K variable
  • A lot a new results :
    • Time waiting resources
    • Spare parts stock use
    • Time spent in each state
    • New contribution to shortfall
    • Failure counting
    • Failure duration

SILThe SIL module has been improved in order to:

  • Provide more detailed report
  • Prepare maintenance planning
  • Ease copy/paste from/to Excel
  • Share parts between SIF

The Tree and BFiab modules include the new ALBIZIA 0.5 feature which is the ability to use truncated computation to handle very big fault-Tree and Reliability Block Diagram.

PetriAfter 30 years of development Petri module is still improved:

  • New way to create Profile table
  • Statistics on values of each cell of table can be made by checking “Watch”
  • Description can be added on transitions

SATODEV has developed a grid-computing plugin for the simulation package. Moca-RP can be started on dozens of servers. Computation time is significantly reduced, and your PC can be used while computing.