New version: GRIF 2016

A new version of GRIF is available.
It brings many features that was presented at Club GRIF in November 2015.

As a reminder, main new features in GRIF are:

  • A computation manager that can queue jobs and shows progress-bar,
  • Template documents are now available for every module,
  • Modification tracking,
  • Parameter import from spreadsheets,
  • Read only mode.

For Petri:

  • Attributs for places and transitions,
  • Confidence intervals at 90% 95% and 99%
  • Dynamic transitions,
  • Trigonometric functions,
  • more than 32 CPU can be used

For Petro:

  • Additionnal failure fully configurable,
  • New template sytem for sub-system creation,
  • Performance optimisation,
  • New computations,
  • More option for the definition of variable,
  • Better use of generic components,
  • Error checking.

For every Boolean modules:

  • Several BDD building heuristics are available and provide better performances,
  • New probability laws,
  • Law edition table,
  • Fast basic event import from spreadsheets,
  • User can ask for computation just before the tests of components,
  • New interface to display and filtrer several millions of minimal cut-sets,
  • Improvement of Open-PSA and Aralia Fault Tree Analyser import/export,
  • Solvers of SIL module can be defined with Fault-Tree,
  • Partial scenarios are available in ETree.


  • A new module fully upgraded,
  • Reliability network included in Bool module.

For SIL:

  • New computation manager that handle hundreds of complex loop in a couple of minutes,
  • High demand and low demand computation mode,
  • New Failure rate input,
  • Component database.