New version: GRIF 2017

GRIF 2017 VERSION is  now available in Downloads.

A Linux version and a portable version (which does not require installation) can be now also downloaded.

All new features was presented during Club GRIF in November 2017.
As a reminder, main new features in GRIF are:

  • GRIF-Workshop (all modules) : New format of zipped storage, comparison of documents, improvement of PDF exports, attributes on the parameters, display at t-Epsilon, the sending by email with associated files, etc.
  • Petri et Moca-RP : Confidence intervals at 60,70 and 80 %, new seeds for multi-calculation CPU with more than 2000 CPU, results display under places and transitions, dynamic transitions, progress with delta in the interactive simulation.
  • Petro : Contribution calculation with several outputs, new results of contribution, improvements of the modelling, improvements of the preventive maintenance, the new functions for the ergonomics.
  • Flex : New module Flex-stochastic block-diagram and  non production oriented.
  • Boolean module (Tree, BFiab, Etree, Reseda) : MGL,  Alpha and Phi factor common cause failures,  display format of results with +/- epsilon, CCF management with staggered tests.
  • Tree:  Configuration of gates and events sizes, new automatic sizing.
  • ETree : Uncertainties in risk matrix, PFD Avg displayed on barriers, several computation for one matrixtrices, new criticity input.
  • SIL : New Fault Tree generation system for CCF management and future evolution, new formula according to INERIS recommandations, new HFT computation with truncated calculation and synthesis products.