New Version: GRIF2021

GRIF 2021 is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2020 version.

GRIF base:

  • MacOS interface management
  • Multi line Attributes
  • Date choice
  • Selection on Results Info tab

Petri module:

  • Average under bar-chart for histogram stat
  • Remote MOCA computation and HPC
  • Calendar time

Petro module:

  • Edit button for maintenance periods
  • New definition of nominal capacities
  • 3 display modes for production results
  • New management of time (date VS duration)
  • Optimizations for performance

All Boolean modules:

  • New Weibull laws supported (with periodic maintenance)
  • Display of the sum of cut sets probabilities
  • CCF Shock ISO TR 12489 and IEC 61508
  • New CCF Management
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)

Risk module:

  • Improvement of initiator’s configuration
  • Probability Management on “out links” of an event
  • CCE law without upstream part for calculation

SIL module:

  • Checksum
  • Base of components Optimization
  • Size of Results files decreases
  • Manage 3 solicitation modes
  • Manage uncertainties
  • New instruments types
  • CCF manual management
  • Invalid SIFs indicatOR
  • New computation of Spurious Trip
  • Proof test coverage not perfect