GRIF 2022.10 update

GRIF 2022.10 update is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2022 initial version (the versions concerned are in parenthesis).

New features have been made in all the modules listed below:


  • Non-display of Plugin loading error messages if it is not the correct module (2022.3)
  • Display of group’s content can be canceled (2022.4)
  • Improved GRIF license transfer to Linux and MacOS (2022.5)
  • Management of time values too ihigh during configuration time from X to Y by step of z (2022.5)
  • Improved anonymization in GRIF (batch, etc) (2022.5)
  • Correct refreshing during edition of chart with multicomputation (2022.7)
  • Correct opening of files with Actions (2022.7)
  • Correct working of Aralia computation modification window during manual batch computation (2022.7)
  • Addition of “memory” tab in the Albizia computation window to improve the display of computation results (2022.8)

Module Risk

  • Correct opening of a Risk file after its PDF printing (2022.2)
  • Addition of source and remarks properties in dynamic display (2022.3)
  • Correct conversion during top events verification (2022.5)
  • Correction of an incorrect computation with a configuration “AND” gate and “On demand” law on two consecutive nodes (2022.9)

Module SIL  

  • Correction of an incorrect value for the computation of Beta (2022.5)

Module Tree  

  • Displaying the list of parents from a transfert (2022.5)

Package Simulation  

  • Correct displaying of simulation performances (nb story/minutes/CPU) (2022.5)


  • Correct computation of Statitical types at t=0 with transitions changing the value of the initial statistical state (2022.8)

Module Petri12  

  • Syntax error in a delay law don’t prevent the use of module (2022.3)
  • Local data creation are possible again (2022.4)

Module Petro  

  • Correct editing of connectors in specific configurations (2022.2)
  • Correct editing of parameters of a document whose plugins are not available (2022.2)
  • Correct saving of geograchical areas (2022.6)
  • Correct working of table filter during the reopening of maintenance planning window (2022.7)
  • Correct filter of “component” column of resources management table by alphanumeric order (2022.7)
  • Correct working of preventive maintenance crew in resources managment table (2022.7)
  • Correct computation of unavability if reference profil is completed (2022.9)
  • Correct export of Petri12 with the order of variables in the expressions (2022.9)
  • Correction of loop bug on model configuration with distributing connectors (2022.10)

Please click on the following link to download the 2022.10 GRIF update version: