GRIF 2022.16 Update

GRIF 2022.10 update is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2022.10 version and the 2022.16 version (the versions concerned are in parenthesis).

New features have been made in all the modules listed below:


  • Correct printing of the selected summary and index (2022.13)
  • No file corruption during the deleting reference with identical transfer (2022.14)
  • Increased computing capacity to big Boolean models (2022.15)


  • Performance improvement for frequency calculations with co-factors (2022.13)


  • Improving computation time of big models by topological scheduling (2022.15)


  • Possibility now to use lambdas lower than 1E-16 (2022.13)
  • Printing of multi-loop systems in reports is now optional (2022.14)
  • Correct consideration of Proof Test Coverage and Partial Stroking tests during the computation of undetected failures (2022.15)


  • Copy/Paste is no longer possible on a non-existing page (2022.12)
  • Correct display of pop-up after right click on solver (2022.15)


  • Correct consideration of contribution of production shortfalls on flare (2022.12)
  • Correct consideration of the modification of the type of equipment following a multiple selection (2022.13)
  • No file corruption after deleting inputs/outputs (2022.14)

 Plug-in CHARAD

  • The connection to the CHARAD base is done correctly (2022.16)

Please click on the following link to download the 2022.10 GRIF update version: