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New Version: GRIF2021

GRIF 2021 is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2020 version.

GRIF base:

  • MacOS interface management
  • Multi line Attributes
  • Date choice
  • Selection on Results Info tab

Petri module:

  • Average under bar-chart for histogram stat
  • Remote MOCA computation and HPC
  • Calendar time

Petro module:

  • Edit button for maintenance periods
  • New definition of nominal capacities
  • 3 display modes for production results
  • New management of time (date VS duration)
  • Optimizations for performance

All Boolean modules:

  • New Weibull laws supported (with periodic maintenance)
  • Display of the sum of cut sets probabilities
  • CCF Shock ISO TR 12489 and IEC 61508
  • New CCF Management
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)

Risk module:

  • Improvement of initiator’s configuration
  • Probability Management on “out links” of an event
  • CCE law without upstream part for calculation

SIL module:

  • Checksum
  • Base of components Optimization
  • Size of Results files decreases
  • Manage 3 solicitation modes
  • Manage uncertainties
  • New instruments types
  • CCF manual management
  • Invalid SIFs indicatOR
  • New computation of Spurious Trip
  • Proof test coverage not perfect

New Version: GRIF 2018

GRIF 2018 is available in download section.

Main new features are :

  • GRIF-Workshop (every module): External file inclusion in GRIF document, printing of included files (system images, pdf certificates, etc.), attribute improvement.
  • Petri and Moca-RP: Sequence generation, generic law (thank to cumulative distribution)
  • Petro: Cost management
  • Boolean modules (Tree, BFiab, ETree, Reseda, Risk): Minimal cutset frequency, Barlow Proschan importance factor, units in law parameters, new common cause failure with Atwood Binomial Failure Rate
  • Tree: List of event that have effect on a gate, new edition window for events, “at most” modification in gate table, allocation computation.
  • ETree: Automatic risk matrix creation, color and font of scenarios and barriers can be customized.
  • Risk: A new module dedicated to Risk analysis.

New version: GRIF 2016

A new version of GRIF is available.
It brings many features that was presented at Club GRIF in November 2015.

As a reminder, main new features in GRIF are:

  • A computation manager that can queue jobs and shows progress-bar,
  • Template documents are now available for every module,
  • Modification tracking,
  • Parameter import from spreadsheets,
  • Read only mode.

For Petri:

  • Attributs for places and transitions,
  • Confidence intervals at 90% 95% and 99%
  • Dynamic transitions,
  • Trigonometric functions,
  • more than 32 CPU can be used

For Petro:

  • Additionnal failure fully configurable,
  • New template sytem for sub-system creation,
  • Performance optimisation,
  • New computations,
  • More option for the definition of variable,
  • Better use of generic components,
  • Error checking.

For every Boolean modules:

  • Several BDD building heuristics are available and provide better performances,
  • New probability laws,
  • Law edition table,
  • Fast basic event import from spreadsheets,
  • User can ask for computation just before the tests of components,
  • New interface to display and filtrer several millions of minimal cut-sets,
  • Improvement of Open-PSA and Aralia Fault Tree Analyser import/export,
  • Solvers of SIL module can be defined with Fault-Tree,
  • Partial scenarios are available in ETree.


  • A new module fully upgraded,
  • Reliability network included in Bool module.

For SIL:

  • New computation manager that handle hundreds of complex loop in a couple of minutes,
  • High demand and low demand computation mode,
  • New Failure rate input,
  • Component database.


GRIF Update 2015.15

Update 2015.15 is available, improvements since 2015.10 version are :

  • Markov file import correction for version 2006 to 2011
  • KooN Connectors correction in Petro
  • Fix template use in Petro
  • add option to disable spurious trip computation in SIL module
  • Performance improvement in SIL module for complex models
  • Fix SIF import in SIL module
  • Error message are better localized
  • Fix bug when change type of variable in Petro
  • Now handles Aralia Simtree 2.1 file that contains parameters with white-space in their name

GRIF update 2015.9

Update 2015.9 is available, improvements since 2015.5 version are :
– GRIF : correction of bug when doing multiple modification on a data table that is filtered
– Petro : correction of a bug if an expression (a+b/c for example) was used to define the procurement delay for spare parts
– Petro : Attributs can be added on a spare-part and a maintenance-crew
– Petro : You can use a “other type” flow in utility-part
– ETree : Title of iniator-column and sequence-column can now be modified (many users wanted to write “scenario” instead of “sequences”)

Every user can be impacted by the first bug, you should install the new version.

GRIF Update 2015.5

Update 2015.5 is available, improvement since 2015.3 version are :
– SIL : correction of SIF deletion that could prevent from computing in some rare cases
– SIL : correction of chanel deletion that could prevent from computing in some rare cases
– Bool : correction of Aralia Simtree 2.1 export
– GRIF : correction of batch computation when usin multiple database
– GRIF : correction of root page deletion
– Petro : correction of template use after using in page that are not compatible
– Petri : “Templates” view is now visible directly on left under the tree
– GRIF : you can hide dataTable in PDF report if you just want the model

If you are impacted, you should install this new version.

New version : GRIF 2015

SATODEV and TOTAL are pleased to announce the 2015 version of GRIF and its 10 modules (Petri, Petro, BStock, Tree, BFiab, ETree, SIL, Bool, Reseda, Markov).

The improvements that you will find in each module are:

  • Ability to be started with a command-line (to be integrated in other tools)
  • Better display configuration for every object
  • Description on parameters and variables
  • Copy/paste has been improved again with new options to link data
  • A new window displaying errors and warnings helps you find mistakes
  • A new PDF printing including more content and fully customizable.

PetroThe Petro module has evolved a lot, the main improvements (among hundreds) are:

  • A new table for resources (spare parts and maintenance crew)
  • Condition for repairing and for maintenance
  • Importing from BStoK and BFiab (in order to add resource management to your RBD)
  • A new library for templates
  • Undetected failure handling
  • K out of N connector with K variable
  • A lot a new results :
    • Time waiting resources
    • Spare parts stock use
    • Time spent in each state
    • New contribution to shortfall
    • Failure counting
    • Failure duration

SILThe SIL module has been improved in order to:

  • Provide more detailed report
  • Prepare maintenance planning
  • Ease copy/paste from/to Excel
  • Share parts between SIF

The Tree and BFiab modules include the new ALBIZIA 0.5 feature which is the ability to use truncated computation to handle very big fault-Tree and Reliability Block Diagram.

PetriAfter 30 years of development Petri module is still improved:

  • New way to create Profile table
  • Statistics on values of each cell of table can be made by checking “Watch”
  • Description can be added on transitions

SATODEV has developed a grid-computing plugin for the simulation package. Moca-RP can be started on dozens of servers. Computation time is significantly reduced, and your PC can be used while computing.

GRIF update 2014.4

A new update is available.

SIL module:
– Typo fix (PFH instead of PFD in PDF report if PFH computation)
– T0 can be set to 0 when you modify T0 of all the components
– A new parameter is available for actuators (see user manual)

Petro module:
– Performance improvments
– Loop fix in some cases
– Node list can be edited on connectors
– Using the same prefix for utility output is not a problem anymore
– Generic components can have groups in their Petri nets

– Wrong name conflict detection is fixed
– The spurious change of page is fixed
– Spelling corrections

New version : GRIF 2014

Dear users,

a new version of GRIF-Workshop is now available. This version brings a great number of evolutions for all the modules, the main upgrades are:
GRIF (every module)

  • GRIF use Java7 and the new Sentinel LDK protection system.
  • Zooming is now made on selected objects, and zoom factor can be specific to each page.
  • Data can be merged with a right-click in data tables.
  • In bloc module, a preview is displayed on sub-system blocks.
  • Copy/Paste has be improved to do a different renaming for each type of data.
  • The sort in data table is now Alpha-numerical, une « var11 » won’t be after « var2 » but after « var10 ».
  • Overall performace improvements.

Bool (for each module of boolean package)

  • A new “distribution law” : Markov-graph. Describe the behavior of a component with a MArkov-graph made with markov module.
  • .sil and .jetr import in Bool module.
  • Files coming from KB3 software (developed by EDF) can now be opened in Tree module.
  • In “probabilities et fréquencies” tab, computed values are: U(t) A(t) W(t) Lambda(t) R(t) F(t).
  • A new computation cache prevents from time consuming recomputation.
  • Lambda used for common cause failures is not necessarily the maximum lambda of impacted component, it can be chosen among: aritmetical average, quadratical average, geometrical average (PDS method).
  • Event-Tree module can display either maximum or average risk in risk matrix.

Petri12 (Simulation package)

  • Transition configuration can be copied from another transition.
  • A new Weibull law with different parameters.
  • Right click on an empty place lets you add a place-shortcut.
  • Automatic layout is possible locally. Moreover « Ctrl » + left-click with place-tool or transition-transition adds next node with a link and do an automatic layout.
  • Places and transitions can be selected during simulation in order to zoom on it.
  • Arcs weight can be modified with a right-click on several selected arcs.
  • Interactiv-simulation starting time has been divided by 80. Loading time before computation has been divided by 80.
  • New fast-forward in interactiv siumulation, that goes 60 times faster than before.
  • New modulo (%) compatible with float-number. At time t=49.5, time()%25 is equal to 1.5 and not 1 (value in 2013 version).

SIL (Boolean)

  • Sytems with several loops can be added.
  • 16 sensor-chanels can be created.
  • The D configuration became A configuration, and the trip limit can be configured manually.
  • Spurious trip computation.
  • Lambda used for common cause failures is not necessarily the maximum lambda of impacted component, it can be chosen among: aritmetical average, quadratical average, geometrical average (PDS method).


  • A lot of new behaviors have been added for blocks and connectors.
  • Performance improvements.
  • New data-tables to configure blocks.
  • Sub-systems with their own capacity.
  • Interactiv-simulation.

Moca-RP is now available in 13.24 version and Albizia in 0.5d version.

This new version can be download on download page.