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GRIF 2022.16 Update

GRIF 2022.10 update is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2022.10 version and the 2022.16 version (the versions concerned are in parenthesis).

New features have been made in all the modules listed below:


  • Correct printing of the selected summary and index (2022.13)
  • No file corruption during the deleting reference with identical transfer (2022.14)
  • Increased computing capacity to big Boolean models (2022.15)


  • Performance improvement for frequency calculations with co-factors (2022.13)


  • Improving computation time of big models by topological scheduling (2022.15)


  • Possibility now to use lambdas lower than 1E-16 (2022.13)
  • Printing of multi-loop systems in reports is now optional (2022.14)
  • Correct consideration of Proof Test Coverage and Partial Stroking tests during the computation of undetected failures (2022.15)


  • Copy/Paste is no longer possible on a non-existing page (2022.12)
  • Correct display of pop-up after right click on solver (2022.15)


  • Correct consideration of contribution of production shortfalls on flare (2022.12)
  • Correct consideration of the modification of the type of equipment following a multiple selection (2022.13)
  • No file corruption after deleting inputs/outputs (2022.14)

 Plug-in CHARAD

  • The connection to the CHARAD base is done correctly (2022.16)

Please click on the following link to download the 2022.10 GRIF update version:

GRIF 2022.10 update

GRIF 2022.10 update is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2022 initial version (the versions concerned are in parenthesis).

New features have been made in all the modules listed below:


  • Non-display of Plugin loading error messages if it is not the correct module (2022.3)
  • Display of group’s content can be canceled (2022.4)
  • Improved GRIF license transfer to Linux and MacOS (2022.5)
  • Management of time values too ihigh during configuration time from X to Y by step of z (2022.5)
  • Improved anonymization in GRIF (batch, etc) (2022.5)
  • Correct refreshing during edition of chart with multicomputation (2022.7)
  • Correct opening of files with Actions (2022.7)
  • Correct working of Aralia computation modification window during manual batch computation (2022.7)
  • Addition of “memory” tab in the Albizia computation window to improve the display of computation results (2022.8)

Module Risk

  • Correct opening of a Risk file after its PDF printing (2022.2)
  • Addition of source and remarks properties in dynamic display (2022.3)
  • Correct conversion during top events verification (2022.5)
  • Correction of an incorrect computation with a configuration “AND” gate and “On demand” law on two consecutive nodes (2022.9)

Module SIL  

  • Correction of an incorrect value for the computation of Beta (2022.5)

Module Tree  

  • Displaying the list of parents from a transfert (2022.5)

Package Simulation  

  • Correct displaying of simulation performances (nb story/minutes/CPU) (2022.5)


  • Correct computation of Statitical types at t=0 with transitions changing the value of the initial statistical state (2022.8)

Module Petri12  

  • Syntax error in a delay law don’t prevent the use of module (2022.3)
  • Local data creation are possible again (2022.4)

Module Petro  

  • Correct editing of connectors in specific configurations (2022.2)
  • Correct editing of parameters of a document whose plugins are not available (2022.2)
  • Correct saving of geograchical areas (2022.6)
  • Correct working of table filter during the reopening of maintenance planning window (2022.7)
  • Correct filter of “component” column of resources management table by alphanumeric order (2022.7)
  • Correct working of preventive maintenance crew in resources managment table (2022.7)
  • Correct computation of unavability if reference profil is completed (2022.9)
  • Correct export of Petri12 with the order of variables in the expressions (2022.9)
  • Correction of loop bug on model configuration with distributing connectors (2022.10)

Please click on the following link to download the 2022.10 GRIF update version:

New GRIF 2022 version is available

Dear GRIF users,

TotalEnergies and SATODEV are delighted to inform you that the 2022 version of GRIF software platform is now available on our download section. This new version includes a large number of new features :

GRIF (all modules)

  • Creation of a GRIF launcher, located at the root of installation: this launcher enables the opening of the modules and, in addition, display recently opened projects, documentation and the license update,
  • Creation of new limitations for the trial version / demo,
  • Creation of a new data type called “Action”,
  • Improved “Find/Replace” action for multi column with filter for all data tables,
  • Improved information display on selected lines,
  • Improved GUI for data linked files,
  • Possibility to create pictures and anchor them with specific tools in toolbar,
  • Improved “Paste/Renumber” action, with a « find/replace » action applicable groups and comments,
  • New option to compare documents by node and ID names,
  • New display of names in results for curves.

Simulation (all modules)

  • Addition of convergence graphs,
  • Addition of a dedicated assistance for statistic choices,
  • Addition of a new HPC plugin for Petri and Petro.

Petro module   

  • Configurated block shape like the other Boolean modules,
  • Addition “description” column for “tables” data,
  • Improved Petro display (Blocks, connectors…),
  • Display of 90% confidence interval for production availabilities (average and by interval) in result tables,
  • Display of quantiles for production in result tables,
  • Possibility to see the contribution of specific element during step-by-step simulation,
  • Improvement of generated graphic display,
  • Addition of “Restart-delay”, “Restart-capacity” and “Delay before restart and start-up (h)” properties in editing table,
  • Addition of a new maintenance schedule,
  • Possibility to Remove Ramp-Up block from contributors.

Boolean modules   

  • Addition of cost management (in data and computations tab),
  • Addition of No computation of UFI CFI F and R without t=0,
  • Addition of a new warning message if the system is unavailable at t=0 for w(t) lambda(t) R(t) and F(t) computations
  • Addition of a Markov-matrix distribution law that enables to create your own transition matrix,
  • Addition of new distribution laws with automatic generation of Markov graph for redundancies management,
  • Display of details regarding watched nodes during the computation configuration,
  • Possibility to use SIL components as boolean reference in Bool module,
  • Possibility to link matrix on “To display” computation,
  • Addition of empiric uncertainties in distribution law of uncertainties,
  • Possibility to save useful quantiles,
  • Possibility to save quantiles only if uncertainties on variables,
  • Addition of new dispersion intervals (60%, 70%, 80% and 99.9%).

BFiab module       

  • Improved BFiab display (Blocks, connectors…),
  • Configurated block shape like other Boolean modules,
  • Display of distribution law in the top-right corner of blocks,
  • Added short name for blocs in minimal cut set results.

Reseda module    

  • Implementation of “And” and “K/N” logic for nodes.

Risk module

  • Addition of a new Risk report,
  • Addition of new charts for Risk report (initiator and barrier synthesis),
  • New automatic names for “enabling events” and “conditional modifiers” independently of barrier,
  • New names for results tab (“Wavg Final Event”, “Current Risk” and “Revised Risk with new barriers”),
  • Addition of “Source” et “Remark” properties for events and barriers,
  • Possibility to configure column results to display any value,
  • Choice of matrix to print for printing configuration.

SIL module

  • Possibility to use the Calibrated Risk Graph in SIL and Bool modules,
  • Addition of frequency computation (only when needed),
  • Addition of multi processors computation,
  • Addition of properties by default management ( a simplified mode will come soon),
  • Possibility to print a Partial Report without full computation,
  • Improvement of error/warning messages display, only for the computed SIF,
  • Added message “no result computed” displayed at the opening of the window results for not computed system.

Please click on the following link to download the new 2022 GRIF version:

New Version: GRIF2021

GRIF 2021 is now available. This version brings a lot of new features since 2020 version.

GRIF base:

  • MacOS interface management
  • Multi line Attributes
  • Date choice
  • Selection on Results Info tab

Petri module:

  • Average under bar-chart for histogram stat
  • Remote MOCA computation and HPC
  • Calendar time

Petro module:

  • Edit button for maintenance periods
  • New definition of nominal capacities
  • 3 display modes for production results
  • New management of time (date VS duration)
  • Optimizations for performance

All Boolean modules:

  • New Weibull laws supported (with periodic maintenance)
  • Display of the sum of cut sets probabilities
  • CCF Shock ISO TR 12489 and IEC 61508
  • New CCF Management
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)

Risk module:

  • Improvement of initiator’s configuration
  • Probability Management on “out links” of an event
  • CCE law without upstream part for calculation

SIL module:

  • Checksum
  • Base of components Optimization
  • Size of Results files decreases
  • Manage 3 solicitation modes
  • Manage uncertainties
  • New instruments types
  • CCF manual management
  • Invalid SIFs indicatOR
  • New computation of Spurious Trip
  • Proof test coverage not perfect

New Version: GRIF 2018

GRIF 2018 is available in download section.

Main new features are :

  • GRIF-Workshop (every module): External file inclusion in GRIF document, printing of included files (system images, pdf certificates, etc.), attribute improvement.
  • Petri and Moca-RP: Sequence generation, generic law (thank to cumulative distribution)
  • Petro: Cost management
  • Boolean modules (Tree, BFiab, ETree, Reseda, Risk): Minimal cutset frequency, Barlow Proschan importance factor, units in law parameters, new common cause failure with Atwood Binomial Failure Rate
  • Tree: List of event that have effect on a gate, new edition window for events, “at most” modification in gate table, allocation computation.
  • ETree: Automatic risk matrix creation, color and font of scenarios and barriers can be customized.
  • Risk: A new module dedicated to Risk analysis.

New version: GRIF 2017

GRIF 2017 VERSION is  now available in Downloads.

A Linux version and a portable version (which does not require installation) can be now also downloaded.

All new features was presented during Club GRIF in November 2017.
As a reminder, main new features in GRIF are:

  • GRIF-Workshop (all modules) : New format of zipped storage, comparison of documents, improvement of PDF exports, attributes on the parameters, display at t-Epsilon, the sending by email with associated files, etc.
  • Petri et Moca-RP : Confidence intervals at 60,70 and 80 %, new seeds for multi-calculation CPU with more than 2000 CPU, results display under places and transitions, dynamic transitions, progress with delta in the interactive simulation.
  • Petro : Contribution calculation with several outputs, new results of contribution, improvements of the modelling, improvements of the preventive maintenance, the new functions for the ergonomics.
  • Flex : New module Flex-stochastic block-diagram and  non production oriented.
  • Boolean module (Tree, BFiab, Etree, Reseda) : MGL,  Alpha and Phi factor common cause failures,  display format of results with +/- epsilon, CCF management with staggered tests.
  • Tree:  Configuration of gates and events sizes, new automatic sizing.
  • ETree : Uncertainties in risk matrix, PFD Avg displayed on barriers, several computation for one matrixtrices, new criticity input.
  • SIL : New Fault Tree generation system for CCF management and future evolution, new formula according to INERIS recommandations, new HFT computation with truncated calculation and synthesis products.

New version: GRIF 2016

A new version of GRIF is available.
It brings many features that was presented at Club GRIF in November 2015.

As a reminder, main new features in GRIF are:

  • A computation manager that can queue jobs and shows progress-bar,
  • Template documents are now available for every module,
  • Modification tracking,
  • Parameter import from spreadsheets,
  • Read only mode.

For Petri:

  • Attributs for places and transitions,
  • Confidence intervals at 90% 95% and 99%
  • Dynamic transitions,
  • Trigonometric functions,
  • more than 32 CPU can be used

For Petro:

  • Additionnal failure fully configurable,
  • New template sytem for sub-system creation,
  • Performance optimisation,
  • New computations,
  • More option for the definition of variable,
  • Better use of generic components,
  • Error checking.

For every Boolean modules:

  • Several BDD building heuristics are available and provide better performances,
  • New probability laws,
  • Law edition table,
  • Fast basic event import from spreadsheets,
  • User can ask for computation just before the tests of components,
  • New interface to display and filtrer several millions of minimal cut-sets,
  • Improvement of Open-PSA and Aralia Fault Tree Analyser import/export,
  • Solvers of SIL module can be defined with Fault-Tree,
  • Partial scenarios are available in ETree.


  • A new module fully upgraded,
  • Reliability network included in Bool module.

For SIL:

  • New computation manager that handle hundreds of complex loop in a couple of minutes,
  • High demand and low demand computation mode,
  • New Failure rate input,
  • Component database.


GRIF Update 2015.15

Update 2015.15 is available, improvements since 2015.10 version are :

  • Markov file import correction for version 2006 to 2011
  • KooN Connectors correction in Petro
  • Fix template use in Petro
  • add option to disable spurious trip computation in SIL module
  • Performance improvement in SIL module for complex models
  • Fix SIF import in SIL module
  • Error message are better localized
  • Fix bug when change type of variable in Petro
  • Now handles Aralia Simtree 2.1 file that contains parameters with white-space in their name

GRIF update 2015.9

Update 2015.9 is available, improvements since 2015.5 version are :
– GRIF : correction of bug when doing multiple modification on a data table that is filtered
– Petro : correction of a bug if an expression (a+b/c for example) was used to define the procurement delay for spare parts
– Petro : Attributs can be added on a spare-part and a maintenance-crew
– Petro : You can use a “other type” flow in utility-part
– ETree : Title of iniator-column and sequence-column can now be modified (many users wanted to write “scenario” instead of “sequences”)

Every user can be impacted by the first bug, you should install the new version.