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Update 2016.9 is available, improvements since 2016.6 version are:

  • For all modules:
    • Display compute manager in case of batch computations;
    • Diplay the image of a group on all of the group;
    • Impossible to connect a base after attempt of connection without base.
  • For Boolean modules:
    • Display of the CCF / references and CCF of the references on the events and the repeated events;
    • Check of the CCF Beta factor which was not verified.
  • For SIL:
    • Update of the supplier data base.
  • For Petro:
    • Display of “component perfect” and “priority of repair” column for the rotating machines;
    • Update of Petro 2016 Manual users;
    • Update of actions in the data tab after starting up / stop of the simulator;
    • Activation /deactivation of calculations of the production shortfalls contributions;
    • Check of the syntax of lambda % of the critical failure;
    • Consideration of the variable capacities which have a no value in t=0.
  • For Petri:
    • Batch calculation: saving of the modifications of variables.

This update can be download in the Downloads section.

GRIF update 2012.3

Dear GRIF-workshop users,
GRIF 2012.3 is available, it is an update of 2012 version, it contains the following corrections :
– it uses the number format defined in document-options when a number is displayed in dynamic fields
– it corrects some bugs in Petri12 module and adds a new version of Moca-RP (13.12)
– it adds warning when you incorrectly use time() operator in Petri12
– it corrects bugs when you opens documents from 2011-SP1 version containing batch computations (every module but SIL).

We advise you to use this 2012.3 version.

New version : GRIF 2012

Dear GRIF users,
A new version of GRIF is available, the 2012 version comes with many new features. Here is list of main new features.

For every modules :
– Increase batch computation features
– New vector print system for perfect PDF output
– Available on windows XP Vista 7 (32bits and 64bits), and on Linux (32bits and 64bits)
– Increase performance for copy/paste with thousands of objects
– New charts (Pie, stacked bars …)
– You can now use specific character for names (% # & – . ….) and accents (é à è ü ù ê …)

For Tree module :
– Common cause failures
– New Import/Export file format (Aralia Simtree2.1, Cecilia Arbor 2, Open-PSA, Aralia Simtree4.3.0.108 xml)
– Easy Tree building (gate insertion, quick children addition)

For BFiab module
– Automatic layout
– Common cause failures

For BStoK module
– Automatic layout

For Petri12 module
– Variable for production profiles
– Vector variable (var[0] = var2[2] + 3 …)

For SIL module
– Many loops in a document
– Third Beta level (for sub-actuators)
– 1oo2 or 2oo2 sub-actuators
– specific part configuration (not only KooN)
– simple architecture modification with right-click on the system view
– new report layout with synthesis

A New Event-Tree module (will be improved in 2013 version)

A New Reliability Network module for bi-directional flow (IT Network, Electricity Network, Water Network …)

A New Boolean module which is a fusion of Fault-Tree, Block-Diagram, Event-Tree,SIF

New version GRIF 2011 Service-Pack 1

GRIF 2011 service-pack 1 is now available. It contains many new functionnalities for each module. Most important changes are the following:

GRIF (every modules)
– 64 bits Version
– Multi computation result bank (to store many results)
– Batch computation

Petri Nets module and Moca-RP
– random() function
– vector/table variables (for example : var = tab[2]; tab[i] = 794 …)

Tree Module Tree
– Import from Simtree 2.1
– Probabilities of cuts is displayed

Markov Module
– A complete new Markov module, where you can compute availability, efficiency, PFD and PFH very easily

Tree, SIL and BFiab Module
– New calculation of PFH / W for systemes with components that are unavailable during test.

ESREL 2011

SATODEV and TOTAL will be at the annual conference of ESREL (Septembre 19th – Septembre 22nd).
Let come on our stand to see the new functionnalities of GRIF 2011 Service Pack 1 :
– New Markov module
– Vector variable in MOCA-RP
– Automated bacth calculation for every module
– And many other things we will be pleased to show.

New version : GRIF 2011

The new version of GRIF is available. The 2011 version contains all functionalities shown during GRIF User Club in December 2010.
The new version is available on download page.

Main new functionalities are in SIL module which now handles multi-chanel-architectures and PFH computations. The Tree module contains also a lot of new functionalities, including the PFH computations, and computations with uncertainties of parameters.

You need to have an “up to date” maintenance to use GRIF 2011, or purchase a new license. Ask for a dongle update in order to use this version.

GRIF 2010.2 Update

The new update of GRIF2010 is available. Since GRIF 2010, the novelties are:

  • In Tree, BFiab, Petri12 et BStoK: the possibility to select cells of tables without selecting the whole line.
  • In Petri12 : The function “switch place and shortcut” available in contextual menu.
  • SIL icon is now added in “Start” menu of windows
  • Fixing minor bugs in Tree, SIL, BStoK
  • Fixing document openning in Markov
  • New visual style guidelines , new icons for each module.