Several downloads are available for GRIF-Workshop 2017.

GRIF-Workshop for Windows 7, 8 et 10
32 bits
64 bits
Commercial version with installer

Needs administrator rights, to be installed in Program Files

 Download  Download
Demo version with installer

Doesn’t need administrator rights, to be installed in a local user directory

 Download  Download
Portable (without installer) version

The zip file can be extracted everywhere (but not on network drive), then start .bat of the module you want to use. It will be a commercial version if license is detected, a demo version otherwise.

 Download  Download

To be completely useable, commercial version must be used with an USB protection dongle which will be provided when you purchase a license.

For more information about installation, please refer to the installation procedure.

A Linux version is also available.

GRaphical Interface for reliability Forecasting