TOTAL and SATODEV have decided to provide a “scalable” maintenance.

More than a simple maintenance, the scalable maintenance allows you to take advantage of a full maintenance and grants access to the latest major version of GRIF

Maintenance évolutive

The “scalable” maintenance.

  1. Hotline for users : you have an installing issue, we help you in your first steps with GRIF. Send an e-mail to or phone us.
  2. Patch providing : if you are stopped because of a bug, we will do our best to provide a patch  as soon as possible.
  3. Updates providing : every 6 month, updates of GRIF provide little corrections or improvements in order to  enhance your user experience.
  4. A part a maintenance is transferred to TOTAL in order to provide latest major versions. When a new major version is available (every 2 or 3 years), the scalable maintenance grant  access to this new version without purchasing any new license. Moreover, new modules may be created, the scalable maintenance grant access to a new module (if this module is in the package you have purchased). For example, if you bought a license for the boolean package (Fault-Tree and Relibility Bloc Diagram) in 2009, the 2010 scalable maintenance will provide you the new SIL module 2010.

GRaphical Interface for reliability Forecasting