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Update 2016.9 is available, improvements since 2016.6 version are:

  • For all modules:
    • Display compute manager in case of batch computations;
    • Diplay the image of a group on all of the group;
    • Impossible to connect a base after attempt of connection without base.
  • For Boolean modules:
    • Display of the CCF / references and CCF of the references on the events and the repeated events;
    • Check of the CCF Beta factor which was not verified.
  • For SIL:
    • Update of the supplier data base.
  • For Petro:
    • Display of “component perfect” and “priority of repair” column for the rotating machines;
    • Update of Petro 2016 Manual users;
    • Update of actions in the data tab after starting up / stop of the simulator;
    • Activation /deactivation of calculations of the production shortfalls contributions;
    • Check of the syntax of lambda % of the critical failure;
    • Consideration of the variable capacities which have a no value in t=0.
  • For Petri:
    • Batch calculation: saving of the modifications of variables.

This update can be download in the Downloads section.