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Update 2016.9 is available, improvements since 2016.6 version are:

  • For all modules:
    • Display compute manager in case of batch computations;
    • Diplay the image of a group on all of the group;
    • Impossible to connect a base after attempt of connection without base.
  • For Boolean modules:
    • Display of the CCF / references and CCF of the references on the events and the repeated events;
    • Check of the CCF Beta factor which was not verified.
  • For SIL:
    • Update of the supplier data base.
  • For Petro:
    • Display of “component perfect” and “priority of repair” column for the rotating machines;
    • Update of Petro 2016 Manual users;
    • Update of actions in the data tab after starting up / stop of the simulator;
    • Activation /deactivation of calculations of the production shortfalls contributions;
    • Check of the syntax of lambda % of the critical failure;
    • Consideration of the variable capacities which have a no value in t=0.
  • For Petri:
    • Batch calculation: saving of the modifications of variables.

This update can be download in the Downloads section.

GRIF Update 2015.5

Update 2015.5 is available, improvement since 2015.3 version are :
– SIL : correction of SIF deletion that could prevent from computing in some rare cases
– SIL : correction of chanel deletion that could prevent from computing in some rare cases
– Bool : correction of Aralia Simtree 2.1 export
– GRIF : correction of batch computation when usin multiple database
– GRIF : correction of root page deletion
– Petro : correction of template use after using in page that are not compatible
– Petri : “Templates” view is now visible directly on left under the tree
– GRIF : you can hide dataTable in PDF report if you just want the model

If you are impacted, you should install this new version.

New version : GRIF 2013

Dear users,

a new version of GRIF-Workshop is now available. This version brings a great number of evolutions for all the modules, the main upgrades are:

GRIF (all modules)
– A new Copy/Paste allows you to choose the way the data are renamed (Use of suffix, prefix or search/replace),
– Rectangle tool added and possibility to anchor it for zones definition,
– Automatic batch creation by parameter variation,
– Possibility to save documents as templates,
– Excel format export of the results,
– Open files directly in Windows explorer,
– Possibility to display a computation report in a dynamic field,
– Copy/Paste of data tables from/to a spreadsheet,
– Automatic input of data access scripts in dynamic fields.

Curves (Improved chart system available for all modules)
– Possibility to add several curves all at one time in chart zone,
– Curves composed of dots generated by different computations,
– Size and unit management on the abscissa and ordinate,
– Display of pie charts/histograms depending on the time spent inside the zones.

Tree (Boolean package)
– Possibility to specify a probability objective on a gate and do probability allocation,
– Possibility to choose the doors and events sizes,
– Open-PSA format export,
– Empirical law added to be able to use computations generated by other computation engines (Markov …).

Boolean  computation (Upgrade available for all Boolean modules)
– Possibility to configure, under each object, the results to be displayed,
– Results column added (configurable) in the data table,
– UFI and MIF computations management on the non-coherent trees,
– A new type of data “component” has been added, it is made of several failure modes, ans you can compute minimal cut sets taking into account the “full component failure” and not each failure mode.
– Concept of “initiator events” that allows to define the appearance order of events for the frequency computation.

Booléen module (new module of boolean package)
– The Boolean module is now fully operational. It allows the use of various modeling types (Fault Tree, Block Diagram, Event Tree, Safety Loop) within the same document and the interaction between different parts.

-The 2012 version of the ETree module was limited to simple frequency computations, the 2013 version has all the required functions to elaborate a risk study considering:

  • The consequence gravity of each scenario,
  • The risks matrix with the acceptability zones.

Petri12 (package Simulation)
– Possibility to display seed that are used during simulation (for each story),
– You can know duplicate several data simultaneously (variables/parameters/tables),
– Multiprocessor computation up to 12 CPU,
– New result for place : number of token at the end of history
– Interactive simulation : automatic progress until a transition firing,
– Engine performance statistics added (to estimate computation time),
– Data “call hierachy” to identify where the variables/parameters/places are used…

SIL (package Booléen)
– Excel export of data and results,
– Architectural constraints (Hardware Fault Tolerance) for multichannel architectures Type A and Type B components,
– Pie chart for contribution in HMI,
– Possibility to duplicate a SIF in a document,
– More configuration-options for Partial Stroking test (duration of test, available or not during test),
– Advanced configuration of partial stroking tests,
– New PDF report.

Petro (New module)
– a new module dedicated to the study of multi-flow production system availability.

Moca-RP is now available in 13.19 version and Albizia in 0.4d version

This new version can be download on download page.

GRIF Update 2012.5

Dear GRIF-workshop users,
GRIF 2012.5 is available, it is an update of 2012 version, it contains the following corrections :
– SIL module: correctly import SIF description of GRIF-2011 files.
– Albizia is in 0.4d version, it corrects average UFI (PFH) with discontinuous functions
– BStoK,BFiab Modules: Import fix with GRIF-2011 files containing KooN connectors
– Protection against file corruption

It also adds 2 features in Petri12 module:
– you can export interactiv simulation history
– the triggering time of transitions is added in trace file

New version : GRIF 2011

The new version of GRIF is available. The 2011 version contains all functionalities shown during GRIF User Club in December 2010.
The new version is available on download page.

Main new functionalities are in SIL module which now handles multi-chanel-architectures and PFH computations. The Tree module contains also a lot of new functionalities, including the PFH computations, and computations with uncertainties of parameters.

You need to have an “up to date” maintenance to use GRIF 2011, or purchase a new license. Ask for a dongle update in order to use this version.

SATODEV is now official retailler of RAMS softwares of TOTAL

Dear users of GRIF and Moca-RP,

The SATODEV compagny is now official retailler of RAMS softwares of TOTAL: GRIF , Moca et Albizia.

This compagny has been created by the two main contributors of these softwares : Philippe Thomas and Cyrille Folleau. Its intent is to distribute GRIF, to provide maintenace, and to train users of GRIF.

The 2010 version of GRIF, that as be shown during GRIF Club 2009, will be available soon. It will work with USB dongle protection. When you will renew your maintenance, or when you will buy a license, a new USB dongle will be provided.